Monday, October 10, 2011

Mind how you save your numbers!

With the onset of fancy technology, we have fancy phones too. Gone are the good old days of keeping a pocket diary with telephone numbers, gone are the times, when people would delicately flick through the tiny pages looking for the systematically written names and number, then dial and politely wait for the phone to be answered and greet the one at the other end with a cheery “namaskar” or “hello”.

Going with the recent fads, I too bought myself a Blackberry. Ever the business tycoon. *laugh* So, the noob that I happen to be, I transferred all my phone contacts from the nokia onto the simcard as were and these went onto the blackberry the same way. Now as is the case with most contractors, I have several carpenters by the name “mohan mistry”, tiling guys by the name “sohan lohar” and electricians by the name “chawan”. Not such a co-incidence, most of the labour contractors use their profession as their last name. Here I’d like to share an incidence, a rather funny one that took place, with me.

While on site, waiting for the tiling contractor to turn up, I called him to enquire when his supposed 15 minutes would be up. “click” went the phone as the call connected. “Hailoo”, said the dude at the other end. I launched into a lecture, “Kya Loharji, Kahan ho aap, kitni der ho gayi. !5 minute hue na abhi tak. Woh Wakad waale site pe ana hai aapko, Tarun Gulati, Flat B-303.Do teen tiles tootey hue hai. Aaakar colour aur make dekh lo, jaakar khareedkar lao aur jaldi se kaam karo nahi toh paise nahi milenge. Main nikal rahi hun site per se.” Complete silence at the other end. I was about to launch into another lecture when there was a tentative, “Maaidam, main sohan lohar bol raha hun, Roheena Maidam k office wala sohan”. Mortification. Ultimate mortification. *nervous laughter*

“Sorry sohan ji, confusion ho gaya”. Of course, the nice and simple people these contractors are, he only laughed and said, “Maidam, kaam dilwa do, kuch ho toh”. I was banging my head against the wall all this time.

MORAL of the story: When storing numbers for contacts, take two minutes more to specify the name of the company they belong to, to avoid embarrassments of the kind I faced.


  1. hahahaha :-) Sahi Hain, you should be careful, aur tum poochthi nahi ho ka other side koun baat kar rela Hain? Phir bhi fun reading this.

  2. lol. It's really annoying transferring contacts between handsets. Although phones let you store attributes like company, nickname etc these are lost when you copy the contacts to sim card.